Initial assessment of mercury inventory in the Republic of Macedonia

April 2016 – April 2018: “Initial assessment of mercury inventory in the Republic of Macedonia”

As part of the obligation of the Republic of Macedonia towards the Minamata Convention for Mercury, a project suggestion was drafted, in cooperation with UNEP, as initial assessment of mercury in the country.

In order to get involved in the global actions efforts for sound management of mercury, the competent  institutions in Macedonia, have taken their first steps, including: identify the locations of mercury storage and identifying the sources of mercury,to provide data in the form of inventory, so as to collect data on the production processes where mercury is used, what are the main sources of emissions into the air, water, waste and soil, asses the existing policy, regulatory and institutional framework. This is for the purpose to identify the main financial resources and mechanisms to build capacities that will provide sound management of the mercury in all aspects:  health aspects, capacity building and awareness raising.