Persistent Organic Pollutants Unit

The Republic of Macedonia has been a party to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants since the very beginning when it, together with the other 156 countries in the world, signed the Convention on Membership of the Convention, and then ratified it in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia in 2004.
Since 2002, with the establishment of the Project Office of Persistent Organic Pollutants within the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, intensive activities have been undertaken to fulfill the obligations of this Convention and to join the global action to reduce and eliminate the 12 POPs chemicals, later on. they were given 11 more chemicals with similar properties.
In the period starting from 2002 up to date, the POPs Unit has successfully implemented twenty projects in the field of implementation of the Stockholm Convention, as well as wider and comprehensive safe chemical management.

Project Timeline

Our Team

Suzana Andonova
National Project Coordinator at POPs Unit/Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning

Aleksandar Mickovski
Project Manager