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Handbook on PCBs in electrical equipment



On-going projects:

Activities: May 2004 - December 2006

Project 1:

"Raising Public Awareness on PCBs and PCB contaminated equipment" - Swiss assistance - SECO

Stage of implementation: At its final phase

Project objective: To introduce a general population and different target groups with the PCB environmental issue to achieve a higher level of awareness concerning PCBs and PCB contaminated equipment.

National Public Awareness Campaign

In order to support the POPs Unit and to avoid misunderstandings and fears, it was agreed that a programme of awareness raising for the relevant stakeholders and the general public of Macedonia would be helpful not only ensuring the successful completion of the "Efficient Energy Distribution Programme" but in general for all future POPs activities in Macedonia.

The objectives of the awareness raising activities were to engage the stakeholder organisations and the general public in the form of a public information campaign focusing on production and distribution of a brochure containing all relevant information, accompanied by a series of regional information workshops aimed at alleviating regional concerns.


Based on the "Handbook on PCBs in Electrical Equipment", which was prepared for the POPs Unit and the involved stakeholders in the "Eneregy efficient Distribution Progamme", a brochure was produced for publication and distribution throughout Macedonia on PCBs and PCB management. This brochure was jointly elaborated with the ETI (Environmental Technology International) and gives vital information on: What are PCBs? Were are they found? How do they affect humans and the environment? What are Macedonia’s obligations under the Stockholm Convention with respect to POPs, labelling, appropriate personal protective equipment and disposal? The brochure will be widely circulated to industries where PCBs are likely to be found and to all local town councils to be distributed to any member of the public interested in the issue.

For the purposes of the last National Workshop organized for the Industrial sector and the relevant Ministries the "Handbook on PCBs in Electrical Equipment", that was initially prepared for the ESM Field Teams, was rearranged, adapted for the wider range of professionals and printed in 30 copies.

In October the PCB brochure was translated in English and printed in 100 copies in order to be readable and comprehensive for those who cooperated with POPs Unit from the foreign countries. Also, the POPs Unit as a co organizer of the TAIEX "Workshop on the Management of PCB Waste"(Skopje, 16-17, Nov,2006) took the opportunity to elaborate the successful Project Component IV- Removal and Disposal of the PCB containing LV Capacitors and at the same time to promote the English version of the PCB brochure.

In the frames of this National Public Awareness Raising Campaign POPs Unit in cooperation with ETI proposed a number of different events and activities such as:

  • Lectures in schools
  • National workshops dedicated to different target groups
  • Regional workshops especially prepared for the professionals dealing with equipment possibly contaminated with PCB
  • Participation to the TV programs dedicated to the environmental issue and PCBs in particular

On Earth Day, 5 June 2006, Mrs. Suzana Andonova from the POPs Unit, delivered lectures on POPs/PCBs and distributed the "PCBs-reduction and elimination" brochures to the students at the Vocational School "Pance Arsovski" in Skopje.

During the period June-December cooperated with several schools working on environmental projects in the frames of their educational activities. POPs Unit assisted to these schools in providing materials, brochures, etc.

National Workshops

A Public Awareness Raising National Workshop took place on 15 September 2006 in Mavrovo and was organised for the Media and NGOs. There were 75 participants attending the workshop Lecturers were given by:

  • Mrs Suzana Andonova, POPs Unit:
    Promotion of the PA brochure "Polychlorinated biphenyl PCBs – Reduction and Elimination"
  • Mr Urs K. Wagner-ETI, Switzerland:
    Swiss "Efficient Energy Distribution Programme" - PCBs in General and Electrical Equipment.
  • Mr Aleksandar Mickovski, POPs Unit:
    Presentation of the results of project activities regarding "Elimination of the obsolete stocks of different pesticides stored in Department of Health Protection- Skopje"

The brochure on PCBs was distributed to the participants.

Workshop Mavrovo Workshop Mavrovo

Workshop for Journalists in Mavrovo

The second Awareness Raising Workshop took place on 27th October 2006 in Skopje and directed towards health professionals. Approx 80 participants attended the workshop. The aim of the workshop was to introduce the health professionals with the POPs and PCB properties and to apply the knowledge in their regular practice, advising and recommending the population to avoid the dangers of these chemicals. Lectures were held by:

  • Mrs Suzana Andonova, POPs Unit- Project Activities of the POPs Unit
  • Mr. Urs K. Wagner, ETI, Switzerland – PCBs in general and Pioneer Removal Project ESM
  • Prof. Dr. Dragan Gjorgjev: Director of the National Public Health Institute - Health, environmental and epidemiologic aspects on PCBs and POPs chemicals
  • Prof. Dr. Mirjana Kocova, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Pediatric Clinic
    POPs and endocrine disruptions
  • Mr Aleksandar Stojanov, Director of the Public Health Department, Skopje
    Presentation of case study "Elimination of obsolete pesticides from storage facility in Cair"

The third workshop was also organized in Skopje at Hotel Continental. It took place on 4th December, 2006 and was directed towards professionals directly exposed to PCBs and PCBs contaminated equipment and relevant stakeholders.

The representatives from the relevant Ministries (Economy, Labour and Transport/communications) were also invited to the workshop.30 Participants attended to this event.

  • Mrs Suzana Andonova, POPs Unit -PCB health effects and Project activities of the POPs Unit.
  • Mr. Urs K. Wagner, ETI, Switzerland- PCBs Polychlorinated biphenyls- History and Application and Review of the ESM Pioneer removal project in the Republic of Macedonia
  • Mr. Aleksandar Mickovski, POPs Unit - Experiences in PCB inventory and analyses in the country
  • Mrs. Kaja Sukova – Institutional and legal aspects of Chemical management in the Republic of Macedonia
Workshop Public Health Workers Workshop Industrial sector and Ministries

Workshop Public Health Workers

Workshop Industrial sector and Ministries

Regional workshops

These three workshops were planned to take place in different locations in Central, Eastern and Western region of the Republic of Macedonia for the end of January, 2007. They are prepared for the professionals dealing with equipment possibly contaminated with PCB and interested members of the general community.


Various articles on PCB and the «Efficient Energy Distribution Programme» and its benefits to Macedonia appeared in Macedonian and Swiss newspapers and technical magazines.

POPs Unit Activities

In the field of public awareness on POPs issue, the POPs Unit is continuously active, participating in radio and TV environmental programs. Also, POPs unit organized several lectures on POPs at the elementary and high schools. In the frames of these activities a poster and educative material with animated antihero in role of POPs chemicals, were prepared.