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Project for packing and disposal of obsolete stocks of toxic substances in Cair facility/PHD

  • December, 2005. Public Health Department requested from the POPs Unit assistance to remove the obsolete stockpiles in one of their premises consisted of very dangerous chemicals such as Hydrogen Cyanide, Methyl bromide, and organochlorine pesticides. Taking in consideration that the POPs Unit successfully cooperated with the Swiss Cooperation Office in Skopje on an infrastructure project for "Elektrosto¬panstvo na Macedonia (ESM)", officially requested a financial support with which even this quantity of toxic substances along with the already prepared PCB waste for its transport and their disposal in an environmentally sound manner. These chemicals could also be disposed of in Basel/Switzerland, however, special and strict conditions had to be followed. The Swiss Government through its Cooperation Office again showed immense understanding for this problem and agreed to support this proposal.
  • January , 2006- The POPs Unit arranged an expertise by EUROMAK KONTROL (certified for technical inspection, analysis, quality and quantity control of goods, in accordance with the standards ISO 9001:2000) to check the MeBR cylinder valves for safety transport purposes.
  • From March, 2006- June,2006- POPs Unit Activities regarding the PHD Obsolete stockpiles were as follows:
    1. Guidelines were prepared by ETI consultant after the visit of the premises where the stockpiles were stored, than adapted and translated by POPs Unit. The Guideline was consisted of issues regarding the correct handling and repackaging of the Obsolete Stockpiles identified in the PHD complex in Cair;
    2. Proceedings with contract between PHD and the incineration plant Valorec Services AG Basel. The contract was required to obtain the necessary permits for the transboundary transport of the hazardous wastes to their final destination according to the Basel Convention;
    3. Determination of the customs invoice for the packaging and safety equipment for PHD;
    4. POPs Unit coordinated the Notification Form procedure for the Transfrontier Movement of Obsolete Stokpiles (Notification CH-0003200)
    5. Preparation of the customs documentation and transport paperwork for the packaging and safety equipment for PHD;
    6. On site supervision and control of the obsolete pesticides repacking.
  • August 21, 2006 - Assist Consultants with supervision of loading exercise and Container loading list regarding the obsolete stockpiles.
  • August 25,2006 - all toxic pesticides have been offloaded at the incineration facility of Valorec in Basel/Switzerland and incinerated in an environmentally sound manner.