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25-26th of September , 2007 Ohrid
Inception Workshop, Republic of Macedonia
Public Private Partnership Programme Establishment of a Management System for PCB contaminated electrical equipment

On 25-26th of September the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning/POPs Unit, in cooperation with GTZ and Envio Germany GmbH & Co. KG organized an inception workshop to implement the Public Private Partnership Programme Establishment of a Management System for PCB contaminated electrical equipment to fulfil the requirements of the Stockholm Convention.

The overall country action on POPs management is based on the NIP for POPs Reduction and Elimination, strategic document adopted by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in 1995. As a NIP priority the PCBs elimination process is running, but there are still lack of regulations and technical standards pursuant to which the PCB-contaminated equipment must be handled and disposed of. At the same time, the owners of contaminated transformers are not fully aware of the environmental risk due to improper handling and storage.

The objective of the workshop was to raise the awareness regarding to the PCB-problem and the introduction of a management system for PCB-contaminated transformers and capacitors in Macedonia.

This objective will be achieved by holding training events with representatives of the Ministry of the Environment and Physical Planning and other involved Governmental and Non-Governmental institutions and the environmental authorities from the industry. This training will impart important knowledge on regulations and international treaties, the environmentally sound storage and transport of PCB-contaminated materials and allow the development of suitable strategies for temporary storage. Technical guidelines for the safe handling of PCB will also be developed by GTZ and ENVIO in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment and Physical Planning. Information campaigns for informing the industry about the hazards and the safe handling of PCB-contaminated equipment and transformers and a survey in three selected industry areas for the determination of the number of existing PCB-contaminated equipment will also be carried out.

Among other issues the workshop will explain the legal obligations arising from the recently adopted Rulebook on the PCB Management (Official Gazette of the RM, No. 48/2007)

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TAIEX Workshop on PCB waste management

With the impression that the Republic of Macedonia is in advanced phase of achieving its duties and responsibilities towards the Stockholm Convention, the POPs Unit provided an initiative for organizing a TAIEX regional workshop for handling PCB waste.

In May 2006 a proposal for organization of a thematic workshop was adopted and financial assistance by TAIEX (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange) was supported.

The workshop was held during the period of 16-17th of November, 2006 and attended by representatives from the Central and Eastern European region.

At the workshop, main emphasis were placed on the international and regional legislation in the field of managing PCB waste as well as the practical experiences coming from developed countries and countries with economies in transition from the region.

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